Belated, Updated, & My Best Recent Purchases, Beauty/Fashion-Related

Hello everyone! Yes: it’s been two months since my last/first post, but I am in fact still alive and well. I’m kicking myself a bit over the time it’s taken me to follow up, but there’s a lot more on my plate that takes precedence these days—namely, applying to jobs and interviewing for them (if you like what you see…)—so, as far as writing goes, most of my effort has been directed elsewhere. Anyhow, it’s still the case that I have been working on this blog in other ways: apart from continuously filling a Trello board with post ideas, notes, outlines, and research, I’ve diligently taken photos as I test various products for upcoming reviews (skincare never stops happening). There’s also one post—based on an idea I thought up a long, long time ago, before I even started building this blog—that I actually started putting together, and I’d hoped to publish it sooner; however, on top of it entailing reviews of about 20 products in one sitting, it also involves a bit more research, and I am serious about presenting that information responsibly. The types of products I’m going to discuss here require less (if any) scientific backing, though, so I can rattle off my thoughts based solely on my experience and let that be that.

Returning to the matter of skincare photography: in the past month or so, I’ve become a big fan of the Stories feature on Instagram, which I often use to document various skincare-related outings and mask sessions. If you follow me there, you’ll get a glimpse at what I’m up to every now and then, including plenty of mini-reviews before certain items get the long-form treatment. At the time of posting this, my story features some highlights from Glow Recipe’s March 2017 pop-up shop in Manhattan, Glow Studio. I’m going to start re-posting my stories to this page (the previous ones, and future ones as they expire) in those cases where I think they deserve to live on forever, or if I don’t plan on writing a full post about a certain product or topic. Additionally, I plan on using Instagram posts themselves for certain updates, which will just be cross-posted to this blog. This should make it easier for anyone who’s not a big Instagram user to follow along.

Now, to the substance. I’ve updated my skincare stash page once again, but there are plenty of other things I’ve acquired recently that don’t pertain directly to skincare yet still deserve a shout-out. I’ve been getting more into hair and makeup lately too (by which I mean: I’m trying to take better care of my hair and I dragged a box full of makeup my mother doesn’t want back to NY with me after my last visit home). I also finally—finally!—settled the organization of my belongings in a satisfying way, and I’d like to share how. So here we go.

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