My Skincare Stash

Here’s a look at my current rotation of skincare products. There are a few items I’m not able to include in the widgets below (some of the exclusions are more fundamental to my routine than others), but otherwise this is pretty exhaustive.


You can click on the product photos for more information. Disclaimer: More likely than not, I did not buy/obtain each product from the specific retailer linked – I strongly advise always looking into other purchasing options in order to find the best deal – and aside from small sample packets or store-created samples, many items I receive for free as deluxe (larger, longer-lasting) samples with to online orders. Also, “testing/sampling” may include products I purchased in full size, but on which I haven’t reached a verdict when it comes to efficacy/quality. Basically, this page is a reflection of nothing more than what has been on my face and can’t be used to extrapolate my purchasing habits. Expect to learn some penny-pinching secrets in future posts 🙂

The order in which I use most products generally corresponds with the standard ritual of cleanser, toner, actives, essences/serums/ampoules, moisturizer, etc. (see here for more info). I’ll elaborate on how I use certain items in future posts as well.

Here for the long-term: these are the permanent or semi-permanent staples of my daytime and nighttime routines, including treatments I use as-needed for exfoliation or spot-treatment. A note regarding the final five products (not for my body): the first two of five are for my lips, the latter three of five are for my body.

Mask stash: this is the assortment of masks and sheet masks I currently have at hand for whenever I feel like my skin needs a little something extra, whether it be moisturization, brightening, or clay-based purification.

Currently testing/sampling: these are items for which I have either (a) small samples or (b) deluxe minis or full-size products that I obtained too recently to have decided my final verdict just yet. Some will definitely to move into the long-term category eventually.

Tried-and-tested wish list: this consists of items I’ve tried in the past (samples and sheet masks which are inherently single-use only) that I really liked and for which I hope to get the full product or re-buy soon (the first two I’ve still got at hand in sample form).

If any of the links on this page don’t work or direct you to a different product than the one pictured, please let me know and I’ll try to fix the error as soon as possible.

DISCLOSURE: This blog uses affiliate links, which help support me and maintain this blog. Nonetheless, I only link to products of my own choosing – whether I have already personally tested them or, at the very least, hope to try them based on my own independent research. In other words, I use affiliate links where I can, but every product to which I link is something I would mention in a post regardless of the existence of affiliate programs.