Blogs & Resources

Here, I’ve collected many blogs and other resources that were instrumental toward expanding my knowledge of skincare options, skin-related science, and the beauty industry. You can expect me to link to specific posts from these websites often, based on their relevance to a product I’m reviewing or a specific point I’m making.

Some beauty blogs that you can generally expect to reference the underlying science of skincare and product formulation in their reviews:

A cosmetic chemist who writes illuminating posts on skincare and science, and also does a weekly roundup of beauty industry news:

Practical Dermatology‘s free news service for updates on the fields of dermatology and skincare, covering medical and cosmetic advancements as well as skincare industry developments:

Subreddits that are home to a wealth of skincare information in the form of user discussions, product reviews, and more:

These subreddits are especially great resources for whenever you want to ask a specific question and get multiple responses.

One imperfect but alarmism-free database where you can find ingredient lists for products, organized to include their function, safety, and potential for causing irritation or acne*:

* I recommend not taking the numerical ratings at face value, but using them as a guide for further research – with which the aforementioned websites can assist you. The ingredient functions listed aren’t straightforward if you don’t already know the difference between, say, an emollient and an emulsifier, and the methodologies behind each type of rating have certain caveats.