Instagram Story: Glow Recipe’s NYC Pop-Up Shop, Glow Studio Downtown

(via Instagram)

New York is a city of sample sales and pop-up shops. I’d never heard of the former before I moved here, and the latter has turned out to be a phenomenon far bigger than what I’d previously imagined. This month, one of my favorite US-based Korean beauty retailers opened a pop-up shop in SoHo: Glow Studio Downtown, by Glow Recipe.

Throughout March 2017, K-beauty enthusiasts have the opportunity to shop (and test!) the in-store collection and attend various events and beauty classes. The day I visited, I was able to check the hydration level of my skin with the innovative (and adorably donut-shaped) WaySkin device. After reviewing my hydration score, which was predictably low due to the evening’s icy winds (and due to winter in general), Glow Recipe co-founder Sarah Lee spoke with me about how I could replenish my dehydrated skin—focusing on the “7 Skin Method” in particular, which she has found especially effective against her own dehydration woes.

Sarah also showed me her favorite toner for the task: Whamisa’s Organic Flowers Deep Rich Essence Toner. Incredibly enough, it has over 60 five-star reviews online and was crowned Glow Recipe’s first official “Glow Gamechanger,” and yet, in all my meticulous browsing of the website, I had consistently passed it over without a second look (I’m starting to realize I may be a bit biased against floral-based products that aren’t perfume). But the benefit of being in a physical store was that I could actually test out the product, and I was pretty impressed—impressed enough not to leave without buying a sample size of it (and a few other items, as you can see in the photos above). Another benefit of visiting the pop-up is that it’s selling quite a few deluxe samples that aren’t available online; this is a great opportunity for anyone who’d prefer to hold off on investing in full-sized products before giving them a trial run (if you haven’t already noticed, I’m a huge proponent of taking advantage of sample sizes wherever you can find them).

If you won’t be around Manhattan this month but are still interested in shopping Glow Recipe’s online curations, you can use this link to get a code for 15% off your first purchase.

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